Sunday, January 28, 2018

It's Just Economics

"We Breed You."

"Haven't you ever wondered why there are so many people that are so very similar?"

Ted considered this.

"Yeah but, " 

He paused to take a long draw off the joint, and to stall. He wasn't completely done with his thought process. It was stunningly hard to keep up with her.

"Like how you probably know at least 10 other guys named Ted that do what you do for a living?"

Ok, he had noticed that.

"And how you even kinda look similar."

And even some of the last names were similar...

"Ok, this is getting creepy." said Ted.

"Look, it's simple. I only have a few more days here. I have wanted a premium Ted my entire life. So I'm going to use you for sex, then erase your memory. Nobody will know. You certainly won't." 

What in the fuck had Ted gotten himself into? He met this girl at the top of the needle. Couldn't be more than 4 foot 9. Drunk out of her fucking mind. Could be 20. Could be 40. You couldn't tell because it seemed to change when she turned in the light. All Ted knew was she had a lot of money and she spent it like it was nothing.

"Oh, the money? It's just economics. One of my currency is a couple million here. It's like how you feel about pesos. I always feel rich here."

He glanced towards the door of the luxury suite. 5 dinner carts from the kitchen. She might have taken a single bite of each item.

"Look. The United States takes advantage of the cheap labor conditions in other nations. Right?"

"I um, I guess" said Ted. Ted didn't actually say, pay attention in school. It was hard to pay attention. He was very popular with women. He had a gift for finding women that would pay for anything. And he loved all of them. Like it was a function of his being.

"All your shit has made in China stickers on it."

"Oh. Ok I understand." said Ted. Because he did now. China made shit we didn't want to make.

"So you are like our China. That's all. And someday the folks on Enceladus will be your new China. After you put them there. Unless we get greedy and beat you. lol."

Suddenly it clicked. "Where are you from?"

"Look. All that matters is you are a Ted. And I did a lot of research. You are the best current Ted. One of the best in ages. And I will fuck you. You better make it hurt."

"Fucking isn't a problem, what was your name again?" asked Ted. Had she told him?

"No names Ted. Right now I don't have to wipe your memory. You've done a lot of drugs. And I might want you to remember me."

"So wait, we are all clones?" Ted had this habit of picking up old tangents. Like his brain had been chewing on it and suddenly fell into drive.

"Not exactly, but engineered to fall within specific tolerances. You for example are made for fun. So you have lots of fun parts. Then a lot of it is random for variety. Then we just make about 50,000 of you and ignore the bad ones. It's easier. You breed like crazy."

"So we are like cattle?"

She smiled. "Safety in numbers. I could take you right out of here and nobody would even notice. You are bred to be a loner. And there are just so many of you that if we pluck a few here and there nobody cares. I'd take very good care of you. Now let's see the goods!"

She moved like a cat. Picked him up with one arm and easily flipped him onto the bed. She gripped the waistband of his pants and tore down easily, not bothering to undo anything. The pants caught at his knee. She yanked hard and freed them.

"Fucking packaging."