Sunday, October 29, 2017

A Dent On Class Nine

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Yelled Ramian. In the depths of his fin-dive into lower dimensions.

The idea with his design, and I mean, you'd kinda have to understand how higher dimensional beings feel:

With there being absolutely no possibility for born intelligence in the higher dimensions, there was no possible way for any being to know if they were accidentally destroying their birth origin through some action. So the layers philosophy was pretty much Universal. At the 14th dimension, you could pretty safely fuck with the next lower 6 dimensions and not fuck up the origin story of anyone sentient there. I mean, it was all increasingly less efficient projectors moving upwards. The trick was moving down. Where time meant so much more.

But a decrease in level meant a decrease in visibility into one's reality. And that might be marginally acceptable for someone going as low as the 11th level, but below that the geometric loss in information density meant a required altering of personality for a higher being that simply wasn't doable for most of them. Asking a cat to stop being a cat would be moreso.

So, Ramian and his ilk, of the short-lived 9th dimensional ditch racers had no idea they were destroying their birth, and the birth of many others in higher dimensions with their racing. But a dron prior, they found out.

They had been camped near an energy pool when the sky opened up.

"Hey, you see me?"

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"You are very close to being dealt with on a higher level. We keep fixing your damage. But we are sick of doing it. Modify your dimension harvesting boards or we will end you."

Then the sky closed.

Then they all understood why Milif had simply vanished. They were destroying their history with their board designs.

And that day forward, they all agreed to keep design to 2 level spec. Yes, this dramatically lowered speed, but they stopped killing each other, and entire origin races on lower dimensions immediately.

But.. Ramian really needed to win this really important race and knew a loophole...if you made your fin dive SEVEN dimensions, it recorded as two. Because the detector did the math wrong. And that's how Ramian almost destroyed the absolute origin of everything.

Moving at a speed impossible to describe in our dimension, Ramian blasted through a diffuse cloud then just stopped. Something he had never experienced before. Being stopped. Then he felt then saw the huge clawed hand come up from out of nowhere and surround his neck.

"You don't have to exist."

"WHO DO YOU THINK" was what Ramian managed before his throat started getting crushed.

"See, the mistake you made here is assuming a lower dimensional being is always going to be weaker than you. We have important things we are doing down here. You need to stop destroying things. We will end you."

"Understood" said Ramian as he forcefully snapped the tail off his board.