Tuesday, May 30, 2017

So Um, You Can Just Admit You Are Both Out Of Ideas AMD and Intel

So when AMD announced the Rizen Taserface 50 core processor, Intel, not to be outdone, announced their upcoming CockRipperOffer 40000 Core chip based on their upcoming Malmsteen platform. And somebody just has to ask:

Can't get em any faster eh? Eh?

That's why we have to suffer with this bullshit core gobbling game right?
We have to pretend that an Ivy Bridge Xeon from 2012 you can pick up for 50 bucks now isn't just as fast as whatever shit you haven't even shown us yet.
Yeah. X97 boards with quad channel DDR3 memory actually faster than modern DDR4 boards. Core power isn't the only thing that hit the wall...