Saturday, April 1, 2017

America Explained As Simply As Possible

oliticians use fear to get elected. So they need a target to exploit as an object of fear and they will "slay the dragon" for us if they get elected. And since political campaigns are money fueled propaganda machines, the lies they create persist for generations.

Some examples of "different" things demonized by politicians seeking public office:

Sexual preference
Skin color
Alcohol (yes technically)
Nation of origin
Political beliefs
And much much more!

Because the hatred is used to get the politician elected, these hatreds persist and are normalized. It's like having to perpetuate a lie to keep something. Like your job. Over time people wake up and realize things like the WMD's were not there, or the Russians are fake, or that Black folks are awesome, or that it shouldn't matter what you call yourself, how you dress, or who you want to sleep with, what you think, or what you believe as long as you are a good person with merit.

The problem is society doesn't all wake up at the same time. So for very uncomfortable transition periods, the people that haven't figured out the thing they were taught is wrong, war with the people that have. In time we grow and the fighting stops.

Love You!