Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Kanger Nebox: A Fiddly Yet Awesome Hunk Of Shit

Some of us love Alfa Romeos. I mean, because we have souls. It's hard not to love something beautiful yet flawed. Hell, it got me married three times. It's sometimes wonderful having something imperfect when you yourself are not.

So you buy the car because it makes your heart sing, even though you keep half a garage worth of tools in the trunk so you can fix it roadside. Because that will happen. So you enter into the relationship with the person even though you might be pulling kitchen utensils out of your arm once in a while. Because when she smiles, you forget your name.

The Nebox is like that. Within the first 24 hours I figured out:

1) The temperature control is fucked. Does not work. I figured this out when it burned my Ni coil so bad I had to throw it out.

2) It leaks like the Titanic after an iceberg fuck. If you use the power of Hercules to screw down the juice chamber cap, and if you don't use their shitty Ni coils (which suck anyway because it doesn't actually do temperature control right) you'll be fine.

3) I cross-threaded the battery cap THREE TIMES because the threads are incredibly shitty on it. I had to fix the threads carefully with a file.

4) Most of this nonsense could have been avoided if the airflow did not come through the bottom of the device through the liquid fill cap. Just an incredibly dumb design decision.

However.....  when you learn the "magic dance".

1) Use at least 50/50 VG/PG liquid or it will leak.

2) Use the .5 Ohm coil and give up on temperature control.

3) Fill the 10ml chamber with only 7ml

It won't leak, it will work great, and it will deliver the most amazing hits you can buy unless you are an expert and make your own device.

IF you have the patience to deal with fiddly bullshit, this is the best deal on a vaping device in the world. Because of how negatively it has been received, you can pick one of these up startlingly cheap.

So there you go. If you have patience and will do a little work for a superior experience, you can handle this device. If you hate having to think, and just buy Apple products, move along. This is not for you.

Love You,