Sunday, November 8, 2015

Stats For The Curious

This blog gets a TON of traffic for some guy's blog. Here are some interesting stats at the end:

Typical stats for a day:

Some things you'll notice is that in a typical day, I got much more than the normal number of Apple users (huge surprise) and a lot less than typical Android traffic a site normally sees. I also got more IE than usual, and less Chrome than is normal. I also had a large overseas following, much larger than say, any of the 6,000 sites I manage for work. And that makes me pretty happy.

The posts that I've made that people love the most dominate every single day. Damn, people love that Intel NUC review. It boggles my mind that my ancient (and completely valid) post about how much better the first Moto X was than the iPhone still gets so much traffic. Same thing with my completely valid shellacking of the Roku 3. Now, what do all those have in common? Some company saw fit to link to my post in their forums. And that folks is how you get dedicated readers.

If I do real math on my logs, I had about 60,000 dedicated readers. The majority of them using RSS, so who knows if they were actually reading the posts. Might just be reader hits.