Saturday, September 12, 2015

Scott's Big List Of Tech Predictions for 2016

This hideous thing is going to become the most popular wearable in the world.

I usually wait until about the end of November to make tech predictions for the coming year, but I had a clarity of vision that solidified what will be the steering influence. Or more accurately, the game changer that's going to force a societal acceptance of a genre of tech. When you have that, you can see down the road. I'm pretty sure I have it.

+Niantic Project, creators of the ridiculously popular title +Ingress have partnered with +Nintendo and +The Pok√©mon Company to make a game called Pokemon Go.


Now, if you are me? You were moved by that. And I can explain why. Because I played a lot of Ingress in a major city. I got to see people make the most friends they've ever had in their life, learning what teamwork is, sometimes for the first time in their life. You become part of a massive positive feelings engine. It's a great game. Yes, it's technical as hell. But it's so great. And you meet so many new people. I can't even begin to count how many Ingress marriages there have been. 7 milllion active players all over the world. That's Blizzard Entertainment level numbers.

Now, Imagine how well something that isn't technical that's tied to one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time is going to do.

Think about that.  

Ok, I'll elaborate. The definite truth is that whether this succeeds or fails, this will become a huge news creator. We will be inundated with Pokemon Go stories. No question. So then it comes down to whether it fails or succeeds. I think it's going to succeed.

1) Built in upgrade path

Nobody that watched that video doesn't secretly hope that the game could eventually get close to the way it was in the trailer. That means they'll always know what direction to head. That means early on you can expect there to actually be a huge mewtwo battle in times square. Which will be amazing.

2) The bracelet

That ugly bracelet is going to be a huge leg up over not having it. So the hardcore players will have them. And there are going to be a lot of those. 

3) The bracelet will make wrist tech a LOT more popular. This is going to drive wearables when products like the Moto 360 or the Apple Watch advertise Pokemon Go compatibility. 

Ok, that all by itself is enough for one of these posts. But I'll give a long shot and final shot. 

Apple is going to buy Niantic. They'll figure out what I figured out before Google does. They'll move to corner the market. It will be delicious revenge for them. 

The Rise Of HUD Glasses

Imagine having a HUD overlay on what look like perfectly normal glasses. Just information pops up and hovers in the air on your glasses. There's a working model right there. That's Google's. Now, imagine those with Pokemon Go. Then imagine them getting better and better so the game works better and better. Then imagine them replacing your smartphone. I think that's going to happen.

Let's See If I'm Right