Sunday, September 20, 2015

Prediction: How The Tech Press Will Handle The Worst Hacking In History

Apple just had the worst hacking in the history of mankind. 344 (so far) apps have been hacked by XCodeGhost. From just one of the hacked apps (WeChat), 200 million potential iOS users got hacked. And the valley tech shills are doing all sorts of free damage control for Apple.

"Oh, it's just the Chinese app store"
that's a lie

"It's only a dozen apps"
also a lie

"Oh, it's harmless"
Another lie. They found code stealing iCloud accounts. This had been going on for a LONG TIME. Apple doesn't have some magic deletion wand they can use to get rid of all the data the hackers have stolen. It's just stolen now. They have it.

The reality is hundreds of millions of iCloud accounts were potentially compromised. That's actual reality.

Essentially, at some point tomorrow, one of the sites like +The Verge or +Engadget or +BGR are going to grow some balls and start telling the truth. This is how they'll do it.

The Mobile Security Crisis!!

"All phones are insecure!"

Mark my words. These unethical shills are already busy writing their "all phones are bad" story. This despite Android never having a single mass phone hacking compared to the FIVE that Apple has had. To deflect from Apple's worst in industry security, they'll say it's all phones. 

Trust me.

1) iOS Extortion Hack Australia

2) iOS Extortion Hack California

3) The Fappening

4) Keyraider

5) XCodeGhost

6) ?? Who knows. But they do keep getting worse.

Love you,