Friday, February 6, 2015

The Return Of Vaping Reviews


I used to do vaping reviews. This was because I used to vape. I switched to using Swedish Snus because it was cheaper, and easier to not smoke when using it. That was until I noticed the sexy brown color my teeth were turning, and had to pay to have them cleaned. To hell with that. So I'm back to vaping. Thing is, vaping changes so fast. Month to month some other tech or trend is the new hotness. So I've gotten a lot of great manufacturers that remember me to donate items, and I've picked up some on my own also. +Coil Master, for example, was nice enough to donate their amazing coil creation device. They gave me an extra one. I'll be giving BOTH of them away. Anything I get given for free will be given away. I like being honest when things suck. You can't do that if you have your hand out. I will say that I won't be mean when talking about the Coil Master. It's a brilliant little jig that does what you expect it to do, and some neat little tricks I'll show you in the review. 

So look for this to return. I'll have nine battery devices for review, about 12 atomizer species, and some building tools/supply reviews also. I like to review cheap stuff, and the occasional spendy device. The ultimate goal is to get smokers to quit. At least for me.