Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nexus 6: The Greatest Tablet In The World

I almost made the mistake of buying the second greatest tablet in the world (clicky!). Thank God I caught myself in time. Sure, the Nexus 6 tablet is more expensive, and it doesn't have the fastest mobile processor in the world, but here's what it has going for it over the Nexus 9:

*You can have it in 64GB
*It has a better camera
*It's pocketable
*Has more mobile data options
*Much higher pixel density
*Can be used as a phone

This tablet absolutely obliterates any product offering from Apple in all areas that matter. Sure, it's expensive. But a one-handed tablet that's durable as hell, and comfortable? With QHD resolution? With NFC? With great front facing speakers? 700 dollars starts to look like a bargain. The Snapdragon 805 is no slouch. The Adreno 420 is excellent, keeping up with everything that isn't Nvidia based.

So this is my next tablet. It will be like a more pocketable Nexus 7 with much higher end hardware. It should be fantastic for gaming.

Love Ya,