Saturday, July 19, 2014

Prediction: Apple Is Going To Obliterate Samsung With The iPhone 6

See those phones up there? Imagine they were iPhones the same size instead. But thinner and some decent metal. Sapphire impregnated screen. The best battery life in the industry thanks to the nearly triple size battery. New features that your Note 3 or S5 has, and some new ones. But nothing related to that pen. Know why? The vast majority of Note users don't even remove the pen. They are just happy with a big damn phone.

Now, why is that going to be so devestating?

Three reasons.

1) A lot of current Note users are ex-iPhone users that just wanted a bigger phone and got pissed when Apple kept dropping the ball. They will come running back. No question. 

2) Every current Apple user will have to have this better phone. 

3) Anybody that can afford it that hasn't already gotten a smartphone will get this phone. 

I'm probably going to be getting this phone. I see that now. This will be the greatest phone Apple has ever made. Because it has to be. The one thing that Apple has always had going for it is that perfectly timed product release magic. This is the perfect time for them to release these phones. And the fanboys will houl. But Apple is going to win. I have no doubt in my mind now. 

Love ya,