Saturday, June 28, 2014

Discarded Comments

oh, the discarded comment you seductive annoying wonderful satanic thing. 

We forget ordeals. Think about it. All the little ordeals you've had. You HAD a crystal clear memory of that ordeal. That auto accident or bad relationship. That test you studied for. We don't keep that shit. So you certainly don't remember the discarded comment. Where you had typed out an idea in progress, then ran out of runway. Here is an example of one, with every thought process included from inception to total loss of confidence. 

Someone posted boobs because everyone else was. Now, we aren't talking a girlfriend throwing shit at you if she sees you looking at it boobshot. This was a tasteful thing with a bikini top. I think it was some breast awareness thing or something. Suffice is to say, gabillions of guys saying things in the comments. Some of them walking weird lines. 

In my brain I saw this ocean of saliva. Drool. And for some reason that reminded me of the real reason people watched The Dating Game. The contestants are mean as shit to each other. So this one guy said about this other guy:

"He has enough grease in his hair to skid a volvo from here to Mardi Gras."

So my thinking was, I can do this with spit. So I start typing it out. 

There's enough slobber and drool in this thread to

And then I stopped. It dawned on me that spit really doesn't do fucking anything. I mean, where can I go with this?

to um, um, convert a lot of starches to sugars!

How the fuck do you make that funny? I had horrible ideas. About ten of them. And I just gave up. 

But this time we won't forget.

 It's documented. 

Love You,