Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Greatest Game

Eve Online isn't just a great game. It is the greatest game. It's the only game I've kept coming back to for a decade. Yes, a decade. And it just keeps getting better and better. I created my first character in 2004 and sold it in 2007 for roughly six thousand dollars. No shit. Bought a car. My secondary character I used just for industry stuff (most in-game items are player made) is now more powerful than that first character I sold, and I have a new secondary character just for doing that stuff. Is Eve Online for you? Take this simple test:

Do you like space ships?

You'll have to actually right click and download that. Those tiny dots are actually, you guessed it, even more space ships. There are about 280 of them, and they add more all the time. Huge powerful ships. Tiny super fast ships. Ships with shields. Ships with armor. Ships with missiles. Ships with guns and lasers. Pretty ships. Ugly mean ships. You will find a ship you adore.

Do you like space? 

Each one of those dots is an entire solar system. That's the max-view zoom out of the entire Eve universe known as New Eden. Over SIX THOUSAND of them. Each one of those dots look like one of these:

You are constantly surrounded by amazing beauty, and you could spend years and never see all of it. It's like playing a game where at any time you could take a screenshot and have an awesome background for your computer. 

Now, here's the last question and the most important one.

Do you like fighting?

Nobody has a pvp experience as rich as Eve Online. Period. It's the king. No other game even comes close. Huge battles in Eve actually make the news.

But you don't have to pvp. You just SHOULD. You can do so much stuff though. You can be a station trader that just ferries items back and forth for profit. You could be an asteroid miner. You could be a pirate. You could be a hitman. A bounty hunter. A corporation CEO. A Flight Commander. A conman. A hero. An explorer. A mercenary. A villian. All while flying an amazing looking ship. 

I love this game

Thanks +EVE Online 

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Love You,