Saturday, February 15, 2014

New Club Syndrome: How Lazy Haters Tear Down Great Things

new club opened up across town. Some of your friends heard about it, and are eager to go. Great things are already being said about it. People that go there have said great things about it. But it's not the old club. And everyone knows that person that will do nothing but talk shit about that new club for months and months despite never having been there.

"Well, I heard they have no parking"
"I heard the drinks are watered down"
"I heard the bouncers are dicks"
"I heard they've had problems with underage drinking"
"I heard they got busted for drugs"
"Someone said they saw RATS!"

Because they still love the old club. They love that old club so much they'll fabricate nonsense about the new one. Tear it down. Because they don't want to be bothered to spend any time at the new one, and by golly they'll appoint themselves law enforcement for their personal status quo. How dare somebody like something new.

 +Claire Cain Miller of +The New York Times is one of those haters.

+Google+ , by any possible measure, has been an astounding success. Factor in that it is meant to be little more than the universal login platform for all +Google Services and you don't even have to participate at all to reap the benefits of that platform, and it's doubly impressive. The people using it are there by choice. It's the second largest social network in history, and at the current growth rate should pass Facebook in a year or two. The reason? Simple. It's better. But that hasn't stopped +Claire Cain Miller from badmouthing it. She once stood in the parking lot of this club, has never really been inside, yet somehow thinks she's qualfied to pass judgement.


No picture
No posts
No profile

No participation.

How in God's name are we to take any of her nonsense seriously? Lets compare that with me. Unsolicited, all I've done on G+ is interact with people. Post things I like, and let other people know when I like their stuff.

7300 folks interact with me and I'm not even trying. Why?

Because I'm not a hater. 
I'm not lazy.
I will try new things.
I LOVE a new club.

I'm not some iPhone/Twitter/Facebook robot that feels I have to down something new because it isn't what I already know. +Claire Cain Miller is.