Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Glass Lite: My Product Idea For Google

There isn't anybody that hasn't heard of Google Glass. It is the most highly anticipated product of the year, and will be the most highly anticipated product in 2014. But there has been some controversy.....

As reported by +SiliconBeat, crazy rednecks and Microsoft funded anti-Google astroturfing firms have created a fake grassroots anti-glass campaign. Now, despite it going nowhere (you can't stop the future) it creates a unique business opportunity.

Create A Version Of Google Glass With No Camera!

You aren't giving up a ton of functionality. Just taking pictures and video. I'd be happy just having a handy hands-free screen. Navigation would still work fine. You'd still be able to do your social networking. You'd still be able to do voice HangOuts, and it could be offered at a lower price!

What do you think +Google?