Saturday, December 28, 2013

Everyone Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Mouth: Why We Should Start Listening To Our Scientists

The title is a famous Mike Tyson quote. Lately I've witnessed people increasing annoyed at scientists. 

Scientists telling them we need to revive our Space program "We can't afford that!".

Scientist telling them we need to stop polluting "It will effect the economy!". 

Scientists telling them we need to worry about population growth for various reasons "Those monsters!". 

Here's reality.

The bigger picture is that we need to get the fuck off this rock before we get sideswiped by a dark comet and become another footnote in a very volatile Universe. Every effort we undertake should be geared toward serving that goal. And we shouldn't stop pursuing that goal until we are out there populating other solar systems. Or we are screwed. Short term we are screwed if the Earth get smacked with something small, or one of the other nearby planets get smacked with something big. Heaven help us if something disturbs Jupiter. If something huge wanders close enough to us to rustle the ort cloud's jimmies (or already has) we'll be looking at a shotgunning of fast big things streaking through the inner solar system towards the Sun. It all could end so quickly so many ways. Any one thing on its own might have astronomical odds, but there are just a lot of those things. 

Wandering singularity ejected eons ago by the galactic core gets too close? Massive nebula of the wrong kind of gas? Even better, something happens to one of the 62 stars within 10 parsecs? We could be goners. That quick. 

Want to go wilder? We live in a statistically infinite Universe. It is a mathematical certainty that a creature has evolved that lives in open space and survives by consuming planets. It would follow that this creature would mutate rapidly due to the abundant radiation, and would evolve the ability to warp around, and detect "food" at great distances. We could be consumed by this creature at any moment. 

There are duplicator scenarios. Someone may have invented an organism or construct that does nothing but make more of itself. It could be microscopic in size, and on its way here slowly turning everything it touches into itself. 

And last but not least, we don't want to meet any of our neighbors because they are most likely predators. Any visitors from space won't be friends. They are going to want something we've got. 

Lets start listening to our scientists. Just a thought.