Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Motorola Moto X: The iPhone People Wanted

The Best iPhone, according to iPhone Users

+CNET Does a poll before every iPhone release where they ask iPhone users what we actually want in a new iPhone. The results were rather interesting this year:

The Dream iPhone 5S Cnet Readers Want

In summation, this is what we wanted:

More Battery
Control Center
Bigger Screen

Now that the iPhone 5S was released, we know we got ONE of those things (control center). Granted, the one thing we did get is meaningless because the users of the 5, 4S, and 4 also got it. It's in iOS itself. So if we concentrate on the hardware, we got NOTHING we actually wanted.

Because Apple does not listen to, nor do they care what we want. Apple cares about profit margins.

Apple knew if they included a gimmicky fingerprint reader and a 64 bit processor that didn't cost extra to make, they could market it as a major upgrade. They have a captive non-technical userbase that trusts them, so they can take advantage of that trust.

So lets take a look at the current best phone made for normal people:

Motorola Moto X

*Bigger Screen
*More Battery
*Quick Settings (better than Control Center)

So that covers the things people actually wanted. Toss in: 

*Hands-free voice control (better than Siri. you don't even have to be holding it)
*Skip Tag unlock (no need for a gimmicky fingerprint reader that may not work. Just tap it to a tag)
*Full customization (You can design the phone to look however you want using MotoMaker)
*Made In America (Unlike the iPhone which is made in China, the Moto X is made in Texas)

And you get a better phone from a maker that actually listens to people. There's a reason this phone is so highly rated. If you were one of the people that were really pissed at Apple (like me) when they completely ignored us (again), I highly suggest getting the much better Moto X option. I've already ditched my iPhone 5.