Sunday, September 22, 2013

Google Play Music: Doing It Right

So.... I find this song named Rez by Underworld. Underworld? I thought that was a vampirewolfthing movie franchise. Either way, LOVE the song. Instantly. See, I found it because I like another song named Music:Responce from a band named Chemical Brothers, and Music All Access from +Google Play lets you dynamically create radio stations. The magic trick here being that they actually have some sort of beat and music pattern matching algorithm so you REALLY get songs that are similar. It's quite simply the best automatically generated radio "station" in history.

So what does this mean?

You start with a song you like
you click radio
it automatically generates a radio station
you listen to some songs
you find this new song you like
you click radio
You jump stations and distill a sound
Entire hours of amazing music happen
You find a new artist you like? Right click and add their albums to your collection
No waiting

There has never been a better way to discover new music. It's so ridiculously easy to surf genres and find entirely new bands you've never experienced before. And thanks to the recent deal with every major label, you essentially have access to all music ever. But here's the best part...

It doesn't stop when you jump radio stations. The current song keeps playing. No breaking the cypher. No stupid interuptions like you have with every single other poorly thought out music player and service in history. Plus (if you are an All Access subscriber) you can immediately add the entire discography of some new artist you've found. I do this frequently. And you have your music..... everywhere. Any computer. Any phone. Any tablet.

This is how easy music is supposed to be. There is no way to do it better.

Note: I just found a new artist I like named Faithless. That just happened as I was typing this.