Monday, September 16, 2013

Chromebook Pixel: Long Term Review

So oh so many months later.... 

I got myself the new Haswell Macbook Air 13 on release day with an i7, 8GB of ram, and the 512GB ssd for work. Top of the line. I put the Pixel aside. It felt.... wrong.

It takes a while to get used to using the Mac. Sure, at first the screen resolution got on my nerves. The Pixel really ruins you. It's still the best screen ever put on a laptop to this day. But it was nice having bootcamp and windows 7 on a partition for gaming, and it was nice having things like Photoshop back nice and convenient. I forgot about the Pixel. It stayed in the corner. Until...

the 10.8.5 update to OSX broke my webcam on my Macbook Air. Totally not cool. Sure, it was working for toys like photobooth, but now it no longer works in Go-To-Meeting, Google Hangouts, or Skype. And it just so happens I've been working on a song with some friends in the UK on Google Hangouts *cough*. So I remembered I still had the Pixel in the corner (Hey, nobody puts Pixel in the corner! sorry). I had wiped the data on it completely because I had intended to sell it.

1) It fired up immediately and after entering my account info, I had EVERYTHING I NEEDED ready in 1 minute flat. I'd forgotten how awesome that could be. It remembered all my settings and pulled them magically out of the cloud. All my data was right back where it was like I'd never stopped using it.

2) I'd forgotten how amazing the keyboard is. Almost an order of magnitude better than anything Apple has ever put on a laptop. Easily as good as the best Thinkpad keyboards I've ever used.

3) And honestly, I was surprised at how much better the trackpad is than the ones on an Apple product. You aren't expecting that.

4) The screen.... The way the screen makes love to your eyes ruins you to lesser devices like the Macbook Air instantly. It took a minute to realize I'd never be able to give up this screen again. It's really that good.

And then there are little things. The Air is so easy to scratch that you have to cover it in some sort of armor, making it the plastic laptop you never wanted in the first place, and making it weigh more than the Pixel. The Pixel has what has to be the toughest finish I've ever experienced on a laptop, so you aren't worried about scratching it or hurting it. Mine still doesn't have a single scratch.

The SPEED floors you. It makes my supposed top of the line Macbook Air feel slow and muddy. There simply isn't a faster laptop computing experience than this yet.

So sure, the battery life isn't the best. It's horrid actually. But I spend most of my time tethered anyway. No big deal. And sure, you don't have every program on a wish list, but if you have multiple computers (I have many) that's a Chrome Remote Desktop connection away. I've already moved the programs I need the most to my Mac Mini sitting under my television.

Long story short, anybody want to buy a Macbook Air?

This is what great computing should be about. Loving a product as much as I love this wonder of tech, this king of all laptops, this Chromebook Pixel.

Love You,