Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This Is The End: Hollywood Having Fun

YOU probably have a rough idea how this film plays out. And you are right. They didn't exactly attempt to hide the nature of the film in the previews. And looking at that image up there, and realizing these folks are playing themselves as they assume YOU see them, the real surprise will be how they perceive this. How they perceive that you as a viewer assume they are. But yeah it's mostly just a bunch of dick jokes.

That being said, these are OUTSTANDING dick jokes the likes of which the world has never seen. And that's appropriate considering the world is ending. You would expect the finest in dick jokery.

+Michael Cera really gives the standout performance in the film, which actually grapples with meaningful moral issues. There's a realism to his portrayal of himself that betrays his youth. And he's fucking hilarious. There's that. That wasn't expected.

+James Franco's performance was also tour de force, displaying the already impressive chemistry existing between himself and comedic genius +Seth Rogen. The two of them again effortlessly spouting instantly timeless one-liners with the ease that you or I would blink.

+DANNY MCBRIDE plays himself well, if a bit tongue in cheek. It's a good portrayal no doubt, but it won't win him any awards.

I'm not sure who they had playing +Jonah Hill, but in general the performance was too forced. Just not very believable. Not bad mind you, but perhaps a little over the top at times. There were moments when it effected your suspension of disbelief enough to question the premise of the entire film.

But the real surprise was +Jay Baruchel. His role was as the interloper (somebody had to do it) and he pretty much nails what it feels like to be the outsider. His performance is the glue that holds the whole film together, and he does this with aplomb.

The End is a story about hope. About perseverance. About how one kind act can make a difference.

And a whole lot of dick jokes. Just like, they don't stop. And masturbation jokes. And puke jokes. Oh, and don't take anybody devoutly religious to this. Just don't do it.

I say see this film if only because nobody has ever done anything like this before. And I mean, nobody. They created their own genre entirely. This was some upper B grade and lower A grade actors having fun making a film and picking on themselves. And they did a great job at both.

Final Note: They really wanted to make sure it had an epic ending. They succeeded.