Sunday, May 26, 2013

Now You See Me: When a movie that looks bad turns out to be pretty good

I have a charmed life in many ways. +Jennifer Reda (my girlfriend) gets access to cool things because of her line of work (astronaut veterinarian). So she's constantly getting tickets to pre-screenings of movies. I saw this one a few weeks back, and kinda wanted to do this thing where I wait a while before writing about it so it isn't just the "newness" polluting my opinions. And I can say that of sound mind and body, I really DID enjoy this film. But that's because it tricked me. And that's just awesome considering the subject matter of the film.

Now, I'm not talking M. Night Shamalamdingdong level trickery. That's kiddy stuff. I mean this might be one of the smartest films ever made. And I don't say that lightly.

No, it's not Oscar worthy (at least I don't think). And no, it's not some harsh indictment of society with themes that will echo through the ages. It was merely a show. A damn good show.

*It wasn't boring once
*It actually had really great magic tricks
*The actors had great chemistry (even if the characters aren't fully formed)
*The concept is kinda neat (even if there are some convenient plot devices)
*It was highly entertaining
*You will laugh out loud

But foremost, it was NOT predictable. You can do this thing with movies where you simply notice everything that happens. Because rule of thumb: Nothing happens in movies for absolutely no reason. If it's happening, there's a reason. And if you put those list of things that happen together, you can usually figure out what's going to happen. They let you get away with this ONE TIME in the movie to lull you into a false sense of superiority, then they screw with your head for the rest of it.

For maximum enjoyment, I'd suggest not even trying to figure the movie out. Just watch it and enjoy the show. Definitely see this one. I want to say "see it in a theater" but I can't. This would be a great movie curled up on a couch at home. But I will say if you are hell bent on going out to see a movie, this would be a fine choice.