Friday, April 19, 2013

Oppo Finder: If sex was turned into a phone

The Oppo Finder is the subject of mystery (not for me anymore, but yeah). The mythical thinnest phone in the world made of stainless steel and some special glass that can be used to pound nails into a board. Not kidding:

So at one point or another, every Android fan started doing research into the phone and we quickly found out the following:

1) It wasn't coming to America.
2) It didn't have any custom roms
3) You couldn't get an American battery charger
4) It had no English rom
5) Fuck a bunch of that shit

That all changed recently.

See, Oppo decided to release their latest masterpiece (the Oppo Find 5 that +Adam Outler proudly uses) with fantastic USA support. So somebody in their marketing division must have thought "Hey, why don't we do the same thing with the Finder?". And I'm glad they did. The Finder now comes in an International version, with English as the default when you turn it on, and with a proper 110v US charger. You can pick it up for 350-ish bucks from a bunch of online vendors. It comes in black and white. I got the black one.

Yes, it's Android 4.0.3, but I just don't care. It's stable, snappy, and it feels amazing in your hands. Plus if I get bored I can pound nails into boards with it, or perhaps use it as a ninja throwing star.

To give you an idea how small it is, here it is on top of a Note 2 for comparison.

Notice that the entire phone is actually smaller than the screen on the Note 2, Even though it has a 4.3" screen. This is the phone Apple wishes they could make. And at 350, it is a steal. I gave the Note 2 to +Jennifer Reda for #ingress as I wasn't using the Note 2 for serious work anymore. That's a bad thing to do to a Note 2. Might as well buy a thoroughbred horse and not race it.

So is the Oppo Finder worth it? It is almost a year old. I think so. Yes, you'll get more phone for less money if you get the Nexus 4. And yes, Google IO is coming up, and you can be pretty sure they'll be announcing a new Nexus phone. But 350 is not much to pay for the thinnest, strongest phone anybody has ever made.

I love the Oppo Finder.