Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blogger Review: Google+ Integration. How amazingly cool!

I'm lazy. Google does lots of things to help me with my condition. For example, I got sick of running and updating a wordpress blog so Google made blogger so simple even a +Caveman Aopab could do it. Then they added cool Google Plus integration. So I can do things like link directly to Cavey there. And now I can just make my Blogger comments my G+ comments. This means if you comment on the blog you are in the thread on G+, and if you comment on the thread in G+, you are on the blog.

So I'm making a post about G+ on my blog about how blogger can post on G+ which will show up on the blog, but also show up on G+ if I link the blog to a G+ post that I'm posting now with a link back to this blog about posting on G+ from blogger or from G+ to the blog.