Monday, March 11, 2013

A Late Quartet: A Cure For Insomnia

Yanno, I tried. I tried twice to start this movie. And it's not like a movie about boring artistic people can't be done well. Opus is a good example of that. So is Xmen and The Avengers. Sometimes art is fun and exciting, and you care about the people in the movie. Maybe if I had serious uppers, really good mood altering drugs, and about 10,000 volts worth of cattle prod jammed up my ass I could have made it through the first 45 minutes. 

I'm not sure who they make movies like this for. I think it's when really bad directors are attempting to win awards that movies like this happen.

The situation was boring

The characters were annoying

The plot moves at a glacial pace. I believe in the first 45 minutes before I went to sleep (I'm not kidding, I went to sleep, woke up, tried to watch it again, and passed out AGAIN despite just getting 8 solid hours of sleep thanks to attempting to watch it the first time) we found out Walken's character had Parkinson's. When I woke up the second time they were still arguing about the one guy wanting to be first chair violin. That's when I gave up.

So unless you are just into incredibly boring shit, avoid this film.