Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse: Pretty Friggin Cool

I love dumb little cool tech. Things like USB thumb drives that fit almost entirely inside the USB port. Or a great tablet stylus that also has a pen built in. The Wedge Touch from Microsoft is awesome little cool tech. There's really not much to say I can't handle with a bullet list:

*Instead of a mouse wheel, they put a touch pad on top for omni-directional scrolling. It's immediately intuitive and works well.

*It has left and right click built into that same touch pad top with a solid little "click!" with mechanical feedback. Nice little clicks.

*It's a tiny little bugger, but because of how you hold it between your thumb and pinky fingers, it fits all hands. Also, because of how you hold it, it lends itself to detailed things. You won't be playing games with this mouse (unless you need a challenge) but you will enjoy it with Photoshop.

*It's a true Bluetooth mouse. That's always nice. No stupid little dongle. 

*It works GREAT with the Chromebook. 

I got this specifically to use for Chrome Desktop Connections for when I'm connecting to my Windows virtual machines. Yes, the trackpad is more than usable, but this is easier. It's my new favorite laptop mouse. It also matches the Samsung version of the Chromebook quite nicely as you can see in the pic. And yes, it's made of some sort of uber-stiff high impact plastic resin, but it looks nice, feels nice, and works nice. Slightly spendy over a typical mouse, but this isn't a typical mouse.

Bravo Microsoft! I have to say. I loved the Arc mice and keyboards. You've really made some great universal accessories, and some things that giants like Logitech haven't even considered. I love your new mouse. If it gets broken or stolen, I'll have another.