Saturday, March 23, 2013

How I Chrome

My desktop. This changes frequently

I've got a lot of friends that have gotten Chromebooks recently, so I thought I'd share how I Chrome. 

I'll put a link under each picture to the link in the Chrome Store

The astute amongst you will notice that sexy clock on my desktop. That's "clock". 

I do a lot of document signing....

 Google Voice lets you make and receive phone calls!

Google Mail Checker lets you know when you've got Gmail

Google+ Notifications lets you know when stuff happens on G+

Share On Google Plus makes it easy to share the page you are looking at:

Forecastfox is an outstanding weather popup app

Chrome Remote Desktop is hands down THE killer Chrome app. It's what Chrome does better than any other platform

And of course, Pixlr Editor is great for editing pictures (like the ones in this post!)

Everything else I use was on the Chromebook when I got it I believe. If you have ANY questions about anything Chromebook related, please ask in the comments. I love being helpful