Monday, February 12, 2018

We Are


"We didn't need those parts. We can make parts."

Being an intelligence inside a floating liquid is an impossible sensation to describe. Sometimes you imagine you can feel vibrations and your "body" sloshing around, but I've come to believe that's just a wish for a physical presence.

You miss ritual. Sleeping. Eating. Feeling anything. Being able to sense time. 


It wasn't about time anymore with no frame of reference. Had it been months? Years? What was there to count in complete darkness?

Nothing. No sound. And it goes on so long you begin to think you imagined being a human being at all.

What was his name? He wasn't that nuts, he thought to himself. He was John. He remembered everything. His house. His address. Everything he had ever seen. He'd FEEL like he was about to lose it, then suddenly he'd just feel fine again. And my god he could remember anything so fast. Do math so fast. Consider a million things. Like he was freed.

Chapter One

It really freaked ONI out when the UFO nuts would get something scary right. And they had somehow gotten the Black Knight right. Long story short, in the early 80's we found a satellite that wasn't ours, that predated Sputnik. How the Navy justified ownership was simple. The entire argument over very quickly. It went something like this:

"BULLSHIT. Space is NOT like the ocean. If anything it's like more air!" said the very passionate 4 star general.

"Things that go in the water are ships. Things that go in the air are PLANES. There's no god damn air in space, so it's SHIPS and not PLANES. So space is NAVY."


Ken won. Ken knew he won.
"Remind me Major, Star Trek, is that indeed a ship with torpedoes in space?"

"But..." Said the defeated 4 star.

"And Star Wars. Also ships correct? They call them ships and not planes right?"

"He has a point Andy."


"No Andy. Just stop. Andy. Andrew. You know what I want to do with it right? You get how fun that's going to be right?"

There were a few things about the Black Knight they discovered. For one, it wasn't so much a satellite as it was just stuck permanently in one spot exactly 97 miles above the Earth. Another trait, it seemed indestructible. In that if you attacked it from any angle, it made sure that attack came right back at the sender. Attacking the Black Knight was instant suicide. And because of the shape, it was nearly invisible from the ground. However, you could build on it. And it did not appear to have limit to the amount of weight it could hold. It also did not appear on radar.

"We have amazing optical camouflage so that won't be a problem. Come on. Tell me you don't want a space dock. You could keep a fleet of TR's up there."

It took them five years. In the end they had a massive hidden spaceport in the sky. It went through many revisions. But it was good solid tech that lasted way beyond the intended usefulness and just kept getting reinvented. By 2020 it was a full technology lab with docks for many ships. It took 'visitors' from other places. There was a famous BK Cafe where one wall was one of the original Black Knight exterior surfaces. Amazing meatball sub. Very popular place. Patrons would throw soft punches at the exposed wall amazed to feel it punch right back, just as soft. 

If they'd had time to wonder what happened, maybe they'd have thought that it wasn't a ship/satellite at all. If they'd simply been able to think more creatively, they could have seen how it almost resembled an egg sac. They might have even noticed the wall of the BK Cafe simply cease to exist. But those things were taking a backseat to the 10 legged animals surrounding and removing their heads very rapidly and very efficiently as US Spaceport Frisland fell from the sky. They then flew (of course they could fly) from the falling spaceport, spreading in every direction. Chasing the minute electronic pulses they desired inside the brains of these creatures.

Chapter 2
(in a bit. I'll continue it here)