Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Middle Class Illusion: What Really Cost Clinton This Election

See, there aren't a lot of folks left in "smug white middle class" anymore. Yes, that used to be a large group of people. You smug, white, middle class people that were so sure Clinton would win because all your neighbors in your lily white neighborhoods were saying "do the clinton thing" because it was the "cool thing to do" like "buying Apple products". 

"I mean, ALL the celebrities are doing it! And I like to pretend I'm like a celebrity on twitter!"

So the folks not over not being popular in high school, that do what celebrities tell them to do fell for her song hook line and sinker. I mean come on. George Clooney man. LEO. COME ON. If big stars are telling me to do it, I must. They might marry me someday.

But back to smug white middle class. The newbies to this evaporating segment of society are the people that could afford college (20 percent of us barely) and managed to finish a useless 4 year degree (a quarter of those) that actually makes some money somehow. Then they become part of the 10 percent of us that are really in the middle class now. Yeah.

If we stilll HAD a large smug white middle class, roiling in the depths of the Dunning-Kruger effect, imagining themselves smarter than anyone else because they barely got a 4 year degree, and bought a macbook pro, then yeah. Clinton would have won on pure smugness. Alas....

The middle class has been fucking destroyed in this country. Granted, that happened a decade ago. Just, it was really easy to shame the folks leaving the middle class into pretending for a while. Pretending they were not living paycheck to paycheck. Taking out that second mortgage to keep up with the neighbors. Yeah. That shit didn't last too long. People woke the fuck up. 

The very richest have fucked our country so bad at this point, taking and taking and taking, pushing us harder and harder, that the smug middle class white vote is nothing now. You have these remaining gated communities simply FULL of smug white people that feel they can tell you how to live, and feel they have the right to dictate your future. Because they know better than you because they barely got a liberal arts degree. 

So YOU PEOPLE. You folks, many of you friends of mine, that (typically) because you came from a stable middle class household with a solid family structure, somehow managed to stay middle class. You folks that don't realize you are NOT anything CLOSE to a majority of us anymore, you were really shocked when Hillary Clinton lost. Because she was singing your song. And you thought you were all of us. Not just a lucky few. 


Love you guys,