Monday, July 18, 2016

We Protect Cops (or) This White Cop Will Walk

Video   <_  YOU WATCH THIS. I can't make that anymore clear. She deserves that you watch this. Please.

That's a woman. No, I'm sorry. That's a WOMAN. A smart, beautiful, wonderful Woman that did nothing but good her entire life. One of the best of us. Now, I'm going to be completely fucking honest about something. I get angry when someone gets killed because a cop has a child's ego. But I get even more angry when that someone is one of the best of us. Yes, I'm biased. I give more of a shit about the people that care about and love all of us like Sandra Bland did. And that's why I'm tearing up as I type this.

But we protect white cops. Now, I've seen them royally butfuck a black cop. But RARELY a white cop. They always walk. It's like there's some unwritten, get out of genocide free card option for any white cop. OH, unless it's a Female. Capital F on purpose. Let's keep this pandering predictable. I want the nuts that are going to feed me death threats this week to have good ammo. Don't be a female cop that fucks up. They'll railroad you instantly. We saw that happen in PA. The blue shield only extends for white male cops. You'll notice that.

Either way,

Vegas odds? I'll give you 30/1 that this guy walks. And that's being pessimistic rather than generous. To fit the narrative I'm virtually shoving down your throat with a baseball bat sized presentation.