Monday, February 1, 2016

The Cryening AKA Apple Armageddon 2016 AKA The Day Google Won

So Google just up and passed Apple in value to become the most valuable public company in the world.
And some people just lost their minds.

"You are only delaying the inevitable Mister Smith." comes to mind. Folks have been predicting this Apple failure for years. The tablet market collapsed. The PC market collapsed. The only thing Apple had left was the iPhone, and everyone knew "peak iPhone" was coming. We knew people would get sick of them before full saturation. And we saw that happen last quarter. And Apple said themselves it would happen. 

There were early indications. There's a more meaningful measure of a company's value called Enterprise Value. Google shot past Apple in this metric a while ago. 

But there was simple reality. They needed a new hit. They needed one bad. We got used to that from Apple because it happened like clockwork. Then it just stopped. Failure after failure. The tech press tried to help. Mainly by never calling them failures. But they were. Why? Because Apple can't just have something be profitable. They need a new profit growth engine. They have none. There is nobody that really knows Apple that expects them to suddenly beat the phones with better cameras, battery life, build quality, sound, screen, etc. Won't happen. They won't do front facing stereo speakers. They won't move the fingerprint reader. They won't remove the home button. The next phone is going to be the same old shit. Everybody knows it. And they are getting sick of it. 

That's all that happened. Hopefully they fire Tim Cook and get somebody with passion in that role again. Tim has the passion of a light beer. And he doesn't come across as genuine. And he hasn't made any money for anybody that has bought Apple stock in the past 14 months. 

Regardless, the Cryening....

Here are the top cryers in the Cryening

BGR is so butthurt they won't even do the story. That's some high level butthurt. I know they are because I picked on them on twitter and they won't even reply. They know they aren't doing the story. 

Cnet is so petty they couldn't just say congrats. They had to hide the news inside an attack piece. The comments section there though has some very level voices. JeffMaxinDC makes a good point:

And that's what investors see.

And The King And Returning Champion

A guaranteed cryfestapooza every time Apple drops the um, Apple..

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Apple Insider Forums

There are people in the comments of that story that sound like they are suicidal. Never in your life will you have a better chance to witness folks with a very serious mental disorder. It's shocking. The denial is just astounding. The pure impotent rage and hate. These are the folks that make all Apple users cringe. The folks that get us branded as nuts.