Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Xiaomi: What Truly Great Customer Service Looks Like

Three Months And Three Emails Later, My Xiaomi Mi Band
So, I ordered a Mi Band for my Xiaomi Mi 4. For good reason. It's currently the most popular wearable device in history. They've sold more Mi Bands than anybody has sold of any other wearable. And that's not surprising since the consensus is it's better than 150 dollar fitness trackers, while costing all of 15 bucks.

But I'm not actually talking about the band itself. What happened was, I ordered one of these and it simply never showed up. But when I checked tracking, they showed this as delivered. And of course, I got caught up in life, and didn't start wondering where it was for a month or so after that delivery date. So let me paint a picture for you:

You are a company.
Some guy calls up and says he never got his delivery.
You check tracking, and it shows delivered.
It has been over a month.

Yeah. That's what I'd be thinking also.

But I called them. And explained the situation. And they asked what I expected them to do, and I said "nothing". I didn't feel it was their fault. I just wanted them to know it happened. I wasn't expecting them to do anything about it. I mean, it was too late to even do a chargeback. They had my money. They did their part. Somehow, FedEx gave my package to someone else, and that someone must have really liked that Mi Band. They said they'd think about it.

So imagine my surprised when this showed up today. 

I can't wait to try it.

Thank you +Mi

You guys rock