Sunday, November 8, 2015

Xiaomi Mi 4 Final Review: There's A Damn Good Reason Xiaomi Dominates The Markets They Enter

If you've ever been a song writer (I am a song writer) you know in your heart when you love something because you find yourself wanting to write a song about it. That's how I felt about the Xiaomi Mi 4.

Now, I didn't always feel this way...


But the fact that I do now is a testament to the fact that Xiaomi actually listens to their users. Even loud asshole Americans (me) when they are critical of their products. And that's a damn important thing to bring up. Let me make this perfectly clear:

1) You create an account on Xiaomi's forums.
2) You bitch about things you do not like.
3) There's a damn good chance that if the thing that you complain about is within their power to fix, they'll do it. 


Would you like to see the exact update they did because this particular loud American complained?
I could do that. Why?

4) They update their software bi-weekly based on input from their 100+ million users. 

And that's why MIUI (Xiaomi's custom take on AOSP Android) is the fastest, most secure, and easiest to use mobile OS on Earth. No shit. That's why it's so loved by the people that use it. 

Xiaomi does things so right, that both Google AND Apple have liberally copied things from them. Things like Per App Permissions (Stolen by Apple). Things like their take on a MeeGo theme (completely ripped off by Apple to make iOS 7). 

This Predates iOS 7 by two years. No shit.
Or their battery management (Thoroughly stolen by Google and renamed DOZE). 3 days of battery is nothing to a Xiaomi user. My Mi 4 is the only phone I've ever used that did a sub-percentage of battery overnight off a charger. Where after 8 hours off a charger, it STILL showed 100 percent battery left. Even Sony can't do that. Their standby mode is Godlike.

The rest of my feelings on the Mi 4 can be gleaned from my original review linked above. They literally took my complaints into consideration, and fixed them. 

Now, I'd love to be able to say that made me a diehard Xiaomi convert for life. But I don't do brand loyalty. I don't believe in it. So when Google upped their game to ridiculous levels and released the Nexus 6P, I was there. Total convert now. I'm back on stock Google Android, and I'm loving it.


I know Xiaomi will answer back. Xiaomi is the real deal. They aren't a marketing creation like Apple that has to market you, and pay off a bunch of paid shill reviewers to stump for their shit-fucking horrible watch or fucked up stupid pencil stylus. Xiaomi will just make the best product and wait. 

And damn, I wish all companies were that good at simply making great shit. The Mi 5 will be glorious. Like every Xiaomi product. No question.